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I believe my website will expose you to topics and perspectives that, if implemented within undergraduate business programs, will improve the productivity, creativity, and profitability of businesses in the immediate future as graduating students enter the business world. Read my vision for this blog.

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Innovative Teaching Strategies

This new website has been developed to promote the sharing of innovative teaching strategies and methods for undergraduate business school professionals. The progressive approaches I write about are backed up by direct illustrations of how they have been effectively implemented in the classroom. It is my objective to create an interactive forum among business educators by putting ideas out there and receiving great feedback through your blog responses that will be shared among prominent educators. I am not purporting in any means to have all the answers, but to take a position on important topics to evoke interactive communication that will benefit progressive educators.

Avis-Budget Car Rental Fuel Scam, Unresponsive Customer Service and Environmental Dangers

Avis Budget Group Rental Fuel Scam and Environmental Dangers Avis Budget Group Rental Car is scamming the public by charging inflated prices ($7.98 per gallon in our situation) and upon car return insisting to customers that fuel level is not totally full. The car is brought back and refueled to “top-off” level and customer charged for up to two more gallons (1.75 […]

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