Paul Hewitt Firing Deserved: Doesn't Understand The Basics

Paul Hewitt Firing Inevitable Despite Unbearable $7.2 Million Golden Parachute In respect to Paul Hewitt, and the Georgia Tech Basketball program, I have waited to share my February, 2009 direct interaction with him until now, after his release. Up until this last 2010-2011 season I was a five year GA  Tech basketball season ticket holder of five tickets through a local […]

Avis-Budget Car Rental Fuel Scam, Unresponsive Customer Service and Environmental Dangers

Avis Budget Group Rental Fuel Scam and Environmental Dangers Avis Budget Group Rental Car is scamming the public by charging inflated prices ($7.98 per gallon in our situation) and upon car return insisting to customers that fuel level is not totally full. The car is brought back and refueled to “top-off” level and customer charged for up to two more gallons (1.75 […]

Motivating College Students: Effective Techniques

Effectively motivating undergraduate students is paramount to the success of our educational system. In my recent years of teaching I have applied to students techniques I have used for motivating individuals in the workplace during my 20 years of management consulting and hotel operation. Techniques that proved very effective when implemented in the undergraduate business […]

Business School Curriculum Needs to Incorporate Project Management: Gantt Charts and Action Plans

Effective approaches in instructing the project management tools of Gantt Charts and Action Plans will be covered in detail.  This article is the second post on the importance of integrating real-world project management skills into undergraduate business school curriculum.  The first post entitled, “Business School Curriculum Needs to Incorporate Project Management: Request For Proposals”  is suggested to […]

Business School Curriculum Needs to Incorporate Project Management: Request For Proposals

Great ideas not supported by effective project management usually fall by the wayside. To graduate the most capable undergraduate business school students possible, project management skills need to be covered. A Standish Group study on information technology projects found that the average cost overrun was 43 percent, and 71 percent of projects were over budget, […]

College Academic Rigor Booted by December College Football

What do the following Division I football schools all have in common?: UCLA, University of Florida, Auburn University, Oregon State, University of Oregon, Northern Illinois, Cincinnati, and Troy. NCAA Conference championship games were played within two days of final exams starting. What do the following Division IAA/Football Championship Subdivision (“FCS”) football schools all have in […]

College Business Professors: Who is their Customer and Who Should Evaluate Them?

Who is the Professor’s Customer? Complete the following multiple choice question: Question 1: From the viewpoint of an undergraduate business school professor, who is their customer when instructing a course? Students Oversight faculty course coordinator and department chair Parents of students Future employers of students Some combination of the above None of these This question […]

“Make an Executive Decision” is the Answer when Assigning Casework

Casework is instrumental at undergraduate business schools and the benefits to the student include the following as discussed in my posting, “Undergraduates Deserve Case Work with Shorter and Topic-Specific Mini-Cases”: Creating true engagement and interest by applying academic content to real-world application. Enhancing problem-solving skills to become more strategic, creative, resourceful and persistent. See posting […]

Energizing Educators to Communicate through Social Media on Improving Business School Education

The educational foundation provided by our undergraduate business schools is vital to the success of the American economy to compete in the international arena. There are opportunities to produce students capable of immediately contributing to their employers at a much higher level upon graduation than occurs now. Facilitating the open exchange of progressive and innovative […]

The Importance of Mandatory and Cumulative Final Exams

Mandatory and cumulative finals are used in each and every course I instruct; this is an absolute teaching principle of mine. Unfortunately, the current trends in colleges are moving away from final exams as illustrated by an article entitled, “Harvard Says Goodbye to Final Exams.” At Harvard in the spring 2010 semester, out of nearly […]