College Academic Rigor Booted by December College Football

What do the following Division I football schools all have in common?: UCLA, University of Florida, Auburn University, Oregon State, University of Oregon, Northern Illinois, Cincinnati, and Troy. NCAA Conference championship games were played within two days of final exams starting. What do the following Division IAA/Football Championship Subdivision (“FCS”) football schools all have in […]

College Business Professors: Who is their Customer and Who Should Evaluate Them?

Who is the Professor’s Customer? Complete the following multiple choice question: Question 1: From the viewpoint of an undergraduate business school professor, who is their customer when instructing a course? Students Oversight faculty course coordinator and department chair Parents of students Future employers of students Some combination of the above None of these This question […]

Recreating Academic Rigor and Removing Blame from Students: A Faculty Responsibility

My mother who lives in Phoenix recently brought to my attention an article that appeared in the Arizona Republic on August 20 entitled, “College Education Needs Refocusing,” written by their columnist Robert Robb in the Opinion section.  Very notable comments from the article include the following: The average college student’s studying time has shrunk by […]