Energizing Educators to Communicate through Social Media on Improving Business School Education

The educational foundation provided by our undergraduate business schools is vital to the success of the American economy to compete in the international arena. There are opportunities to produce students capable of immediately contributing to their employers at a much higher level upon graduation than occurs now. Facilitating the open exchange of progressive and innovative […]

The Importance of Mandatory and Cumulative Final Exams

Mandatory and cumulative finals are used in each and every course I instruct; this is an absolute teaching principle of mine. Unfortunately, the current trends in colleges are moving away from final exams as illustrated by an article entitled, “Harvard Says Goodbye to Final Exams.” At Harvard in the spring 2010 semester, out of nearly […]

Assuring Classroom Listening and Focus: The Need to Prohibit Electronics

Does a leading manufacturer of cars, Ford, concern itself with whether assembly workers have efficient equipment to conduct their jobs most productively? Does a leading software developer, Microsoft, worry whether programmers have quality code and application code features to efficiently perform their jobs? Does a restaurant, Outback Steakhouse, concern itself with whether the ovens and […]