Undergraduates Deserve Cases with Shorter and Topic-Specific Mini-Cases

Typical graduate business school (MBA) programs rely primarily on the case approach in most of their courses, but many undergraduate business students may not enroll in a graduate business program, or may work in industry for several years before returning for a graduate business degree, so they do not get exposure to this invaluable training […]

Business School Teaching Methods Improved with Application Orientation and Unannounced Quizzes

The merits of class time focusing on teaching application over content was an important message I learned from attending a seminar by Alan November at the outset of my teaching career. Alan is an international leader in education technology who believes that content is best taught outside the classroom with Internet vehicles leading the way. […]

Business School Curriculum Teaching Breadth versus Depth

“Professor Heller, less is better.” “Professor Heller you move too fast, we cover too much material.” I often hear comments in person or read them on course evaluations reflecting these student sentiments. However, students typically do not have the vision or maturity to realize that Breadth is Better than Depth in their long-term interests. I […]

Undergraduate Business Schools Need Problem Solving Focus: Enhancing Strategy, Creativity and Resourcefulness

A top objective of undergraduate business schools should include preparing students to be highly productive to their future employers upon arrival, but there is a wide gap between academia and the real world today. Too much of today’s business school curriculum involves memorizing and regurgitating terminology or mechanically plugging numbers into formulas without any analysis. […]