Paul Hewitt Firing Deserved: Doesn't Understand The Basics

Paul Hewitt Firing Inevitable Despite Unbearable $7.2 Million Golden Parachute In respect to Paul Hewitt, and the Georgia Tech Basketball program, I have waited to share my February, 2009 direct interaction with him until now, after his release. Up until this last 2010-2011 season I was a five year GA  Tech basketball season ticket holder of five tickets through a local […]

Recreating Academic Rigor and Removing Blame from Students: A Faculty Responsibility

My mother who lives in Phoenix recently brought to my attention an article that appeared in the Arizona Republic on August 20 entitled, “College Education Needs Refocusing,” written by their columnist Robert Robb in the Opinion section.  Very notable comments from the article include the following: The average college student’s studying time has shrunk by […]

Application Oriented Tests and Crib Sheets are a Winning Partnership

My examination philosophy is to test the application of what is being covered and minimize the level of memorization and regurgitation involved. The workplace and life is about applying your education, not the recollection of memorizing facts, processes and definitions.  My tests focus on critical thinking and the application of course topics similar to the […]