Precision Bridge Partnership To Play Tournaments Every 4-6 Weeks

Bridge Suits

Paul Heller who resides in Atlanta is looking for an A- or better player to play/learn Precision in an ongoing partnership. I currently have 1,300 Master Points. Seeking to play with someone living in Atlanta or outside of Atlanta [whereby we would play online weekly and meet up at tournaments monthly +/-]. Defensively I am accustomed to playing Upside Down Count/Attitude and Odd-Even discards, although flexible. Precision system and other “gadgets” results in very powerful/competitively advantageous system; however, it does involve a significant amount of memorization/complexity…. but boy it’s great fun !!!

Card Table PhotoI’m 56, married, three sons post college, retired hotelier, lots of interests outside bridge and comical.  I am open to listening, learning and communicating to constantly improve both individually and the respective partnership.

Recently in the October 2012 Knoxville Sectional my Knoxville partner and I finished 3rd and 4th in Overall Tournament Master Points with 28+ playing this Precision system, etc.

Paul Heller

Phone/Text: (770) 289-1916  <> Email: