Social Media and SEO Marketing Course Summary

I. Course Objectives and Textbooks:

Provide an effective combination of “strategy” and “hands-on platform experience” with various Social Media (SM) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) platforms and applications.  Provide a broad foundation of concepts, terminology and real-world application using in-class case studies. Provide numerous examples from small, start-up entrepreneurs to large established companies along with various ROI metrics. Textbooks: “Groundswell” and “The Facebook Era” and numerous online articles/blogs.

II. Weekly, Graded Real-World Application Assignments

Each week students will be assigned  topic-specific mini-cases that are designed to apply course content to real-world applications; provide actual platform experience;  and enhance student problem-solving skills to be more creative, strategic and resourceful including the following:

    •  Create and post content and images to their WordPress Blog Website on subject student determines. Blog will be used late for optimization, keyword research and plug-ins to other platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Learn WordPress functions including: widgets, plug-ins, basic HTML, linking, themes.
    • Search Engine Organic and Sponsored/Paid CPC applications. Promote their Blog Website using Google Adwords advertising with free promotional $100 Google offers using hierarchical ad copy strategies.
    •  Apply SEO strategies to their Website/others using Google Analytics, Market Samurai , KeywordSpy, etc.
    • Create Facebook Page, actual Facebook Advertising to promote Blog Website traffic. Evaluate major brand Facebook Pages effectiveness based on in-class case study examples and evaluation matrix.
    • Create LinkedIn Profile and Group. Use advanced search and apply LinkedIn to direct sales applications.
    • Email platform using Constant Contact professional template with merging function and manage/integrated email lists.
    • YouTube: Video creation using (i) PC Webcam and (ii) animation using Upload to YouTube.
    • Create a Private Community platform, create discussion forums and survey content on Ning.
    • Throughout semester contribute to a class Wiki/collaborate site in building a course Glossary of Terms.
    • Understand daily monitoring of Twitter, Facebook,etc. using Hootsuite and Facebook Insights.
    • Apply Groundswell textbook strategic elements to well-known products in the marketplace:
      – Evaluation Criteria for Sustainability of New Social Media  Technology
      – Social Technological Profile tool (assessing Technology  Behaviors of target market)
    • Psychological Design of Websites and SM Platforms based on Stephen Anderson’s Seductive Interactions Consulting models.
    • Integrated Social Media Strategies evaluation of major consumer goods and service companies.

III. Engaging Classroom Environment:

Focus on application with effective combination of lecture, case studies, video segments, on-line demonstrations of analysis tools, active discussion, review of real-world assignment requirements, and reviewing mini-case assignment submissions.

Detailed Weekly Syllabus Framework with topics, assigned readings and application-oriented assignments available in person.