Testimonials – Management Information Systems Course: Jeff

Dear Professor Heller:

I learned a lot in this class about presentation and how to find answers.  I notice your teaching style is more “teach people to fish, feed them for a lifetime” rather than to spoon feed the individual, which I like.  I use that same approach in the training aspect of my job.  I enjoyed your class a lot; it was a lot more challenging than I anticipated, being that I have been involved in Business Information Systems since I was 10 years old.  I can honestly say that I have spent more time preparing for class than any other in my college career and I was more prepared for this class than any other in my life.  I think it was well worth it though.

Thank you for allowing me to conceptualize the assignment after the interview fell through.  It was an interesting challenge to find the right software and hardware components to achieve the goals of a physician’s office.  I drew from my experience setting up T1 lines with my father when I was young and me time running my own small networking business setting up small office and personal networks in my late teens.  Also, as I mentioned before I used to build and troubleshoot IBM servers about 6-7 years ago for my Dad’s company; that certainly helped me with this assignment.  It was still a challenging assignment however; making sure all the right software components were in place took significant research and planning time.   

 Thank you,