Full-Service Marketing Consulting Firm: Market Research Director

Dear (Business School Dean):

Paul Heller has impressed me as a formative educator as opposed to an information dumper.  I would like to share some key insights that you may not be aware of. Since 2004, I head both our Market Research and wholly owned subsidiaries, a Multicultural Marketing and Communications company established in 1989. Interestingly, our President and CEO started the company from his dorm room and enthusiastically recommended that I talk to Professor Heller last summer.

When I met Paul, his search for real-world examples to transmit to his students was a breath of refreshing air as we have more than 30 Millennials on our staff and we know how important it is to incite enthusiasm in them and how well they relate to practical solutions to problems in today’s business world. We reviewed several possibilities for case studies and Paul decidedly chose ________ (company) because of the challenge an aging rider base poses to passenger _____ travel in the future.

We worked together to choose the materials and Paul worked on demographic, business analysis, metrics and media information, as well as advertising materials from traditional to online and social media, to develop a case study that would be engaging for his class. 

Over the years, our firm has received more than 200 interns from colleges and universities across the country in our internship program. Most recently we were pleased to have a student from Professor Heller’s Marketing Management class helping us. 

Educators that go the extra mile to engage and challenge their students leave a life-long message in young minds. And these individuals are in short supply. More and more we see the tendency toward data dumping in academia and business and I truly appreciate that enthusiastic educators like Paul Heller are having a significant impact on our students.