Hospitality Quality and Service Management Course


I have a posting entitled, “Coach Rather than Professor Can Enhance Your Role”. This is a hand written card I received in the mail at the end of the semester from Hannah. I had helped this student through an ill-advised business opportunity and career/academic counseling:

“You have been a tremendous help to me this semester. Even outside of the classroom you’ve offered advice that has helped me work through some tough situations. I’m sad that I won’t have the opportunity to take more of your courses, but I look forward to picking-your-brain on (what I’m sure will be) numerous future occasions. I know I could have been a better student this semester, and I appreciate your willingness to work with me. You’ve been a great Professor/mentor! All the best.”


“So far I am really enjoying this class. I was a little intimated at first, but now I feel I have the hang of it. You are very straightforward and mean what you say. Sometimes it’s hard to read (other) teachers and figure out what they are actually looking for. You make class fun, interesting, and worthwhile. It never seems as long as it is – actually our 2 ½ hour classes seem shorter than my other 1 ¼ classes 😮 Also you are more prepared and put in more time to teach class than any previous teacher I’ve had before.”

Mark, funniest comment ever:

“Love this class even though it is hard as ballz and the homework is kicking my ass. I do feel like I am learning a lot.

Kevin, Email sent to my department head at the completion of semester.  Same student met with department head, without my knowledge, three weeks into the course vehemently complaining about the work load of course.   Wow, the ability to turn around a student’s attitude and commitment is so rewarding.  Read onTestimonials – Hospitality Quality and Service Management Course: Kevin.

I’m not going to lie, I took Professor Heller’s class thinking it was just an elective that I would be able to slack off and easily get an A to boost my GPA.  Well after the first few weeks of assignments I realized this class was no joke… I put more work into this class then all of my other classes combined.  Although it was a lot of work, it wasn’t without reward.  I have taken more out Professor Heller’s class than any of my other classes, and been able to apply it to my life and my current part-time job.  


“It is very applicable. The functional information taught in the class is applicable to any major job, career, business or industry. Heller really knows his stuff ! The videos provide great samples that illustrate the principles.”


“I really like the fact that you give us real world experience. I know that I will definitely use the skills you are providing us in any job the future may bring. I’m not going to lie – it’s a lot of work and its tough with my job, but it is making me be responsible for myself.”


“I really enjoy classes based on class discussion. It ensures that the test will be over the things you really discussed in class. The information given in class is very relevant to my career and I’m glad that I’m in this class.”


“I like the whole structure of the class like how Professor Heller makes the lecture interesting by implementing different things such as videos and open-ended class discussions, his effort to connect with students and how he makes time with students outside the classroom.”


“You’re very funny, love the magic, love the enthusiasm in general. LIKE going over homework (student submissions) with entire class – keeps us accountable and helps us to learn from each other’s successes/mistakes.”