Testimonials – Hospitality Quality and Service Managment Course: Kevin

To:  Hospitality Department Head

I’m writing in regards to my recent graduation of Professor Heller’s HQSM 3800 class.  I understand you and Professor Heller have been working together in the Hospitality department throughout the semester.  I’m currently working towards my certificate in the hospitality department along with my Finance major degree.  After completing Professor Heller’s class I have taken on a completely different outlook, even though I’m in my senior year, on work ethics towards my college classes.  I’m not going to lie, I took Professor Heller’s class thinking it was just an elective that I would be able to slack off and easily get an A to boost my GPA.  Well after the first few weeks of assignments I realized this class was no joke, and would require an honest effort with a lot of hard work.  I put more work into this class then all of my other classes combined.  Although it was a lot of work, it wasn’t without reward.  I have taken more out Professor Heller’s class than any of my other classes, and been able to apply it to my life and my current part-time job as a Server at Outback Steakhouse.  Now that I have completed this class I can’t express the sense of achievement I felt, except relief and accomplishment at the same time.  I recommend Professor Heller’s HQSM 3800 to all students, and should be a requirement to those in the hospitality department.  I believe this because I was challenged and pushed to a level of expectations that made me excel past my current level of accomplishments.  Professor Heller knows more about Hospitality than any other Hospitality teacher I have taken.  Not just from a book knowledge point of view, but from a experienced hands-on real life approach.  I can’t express enough how much this class has helped me, and I honestly believe every student should take his class before graduating from business school.  Thanks for your time and efforts, and Happy Holidays!
Best Wishes,