Testimonials – Faculty Oversight

Note actual departments and names of Department Heads can be furnished upon request.

I. Emory University Goizueta Business School 

    Guest Lecture to both Undergraduate and MBA students


Thank you very much for your excellent presentation today in my classes. I am sorry that the weather conspired against us on Tuesday, but I am glad that we have the possibility of bringing you back to campus later in the semester.

 Best regards,

Department Head, Emory University Goizueta Business School

Subject: Re: Available To Guest Lecture This Semester


It would be great for you to make another appearance. You were a hit with the students last spring. I’ll look at possible opportunities and let’s work on something.


Department Head, Emory University Goizueta Business School

II. Hospitality Quality and Service Management: Junior – Senior Level Course


As you are concluding spring semester, thank you for your dedication and support in teaching  Quality Service Management over the last two semesters. It has been an honor to have you on the faculty and I wish you the very best here as well as where you begin teaching Marketing Management. You are certainly to be commended for the excellent development of Hospitality Quaility and Service Management. I have been aware of the depth, relevancy and rigor of the content of the course even though I may have been sporadic in relating to you my recognition and appreciation of the hard work you have put into this course over the last academic year.

I am going to hold the wonderful letter from the student in your class this semester. These words are what faculty live for in having a student so appreciative and being able to express her sincere thoughts so well.  When you are by the office, I know you will want to pick-up the letter to keep. 

Paul, I hope to keep in touch and please know that your “hospitality family” is always here on the second floor.
Warmest regards and best wishes to you and your family,

Department Head, Hospitality

III. Management Information Systems: Junior – Senior Level Course

 [I had requested of the section-wide Course Coordinator to observe me in the classroom]


I was very much impressed by the way in which you teach, and how you engage the students. This is what teaching should be like! Some more specific comments:

  • I like it very much that you call the students by name, and give all of them the opportunity to participate.
  • Showing good and bad examples of the previous semester was an excellent idea.
  • How did you get the students to all sit in the front?
  • This seems to be an ideal class size. If the students are smart enough to appreciate the opportunity then they can really learn a lot from interacting with you in the class, but also outside of it.
  • You have a great relationship with the students, and if you can maintain this throughout the semester then you will all have a great time.

Some things that I particularly noticed about your teaching style:

  • Your teaching is very intense, high energy, and fast-paced. You really challenge them, and I will bet that they really need their break when it comes halfway through. If you find that they can’t keep up then you can give them more reflection time by giving them short in-class assignments (on the first day of classes I give them 3 minutes to write down the 5 main IS issues a CEO has to worry about. I then have them talk with their neighbor to reduce their combined lists to the 3 top issues, and then I have a general class discussion. You could do something like that with almost any topic, and that way you could balance fast-paced with slower.
  • Since you are very intense and focused when you teach, I could see how some students could find you intimidating, so it is great that you also joke around with them. 
  • It is really great how you include your own work experience. It makes it all so much more relevant.

Management Information Systems Course Coordinator, School of Business